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The Collagen Breakfast Challenge starts June 19

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further_food_sugar_challenge_checkmark A discount code for all Further Food Collagen products

further_food_sugar_challenge_checkmark 15 healthy protein-packed breakfast recipes

further_food_sugar_challenge_checkmark Easy health hacks that will transform your meal

further_food_sugar_challenge_checkmark A chance to win a FREE 3-month supply of Further Food Collagen Protein Peptides

Your morning just got so much healthier!

What’s This Breakfast Challenge All About?

You know what they say: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a high protein breakfast every morning can help you lose weight, boost metabolism and even reduce bloating.

In this Breakfast Challenge, we provide you with healthy and easy protein packed breakfasts to help you start the day off right. And for added boost, we recommend including collagen protein in your daily breakfasts. Collagen protein will help keep you full and energized all morning, plus it has lots of health benefits for your entire body! Learn more here.

Here’s how the Challenge works:

1. Enter your email address to sign up.

2. We’ll email you a starter guide the Friday before the Challenge begins.

3. Participate and Win! For each of the 5 days of the Challenge, share a photo of your Collagen breakfast on Instagram or Facebook. Be sure to tag @FurtherFood so we see it!

Three Breakfast Challengers who posted daily will win a 3-month supply of Further Food Collagen Peptides.


Let’s do this together! Sign up today and get your discount code right away!

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