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    Yoga and Your Brain Health Connection Explained by Max Lugavere

    I’m a huge fan of yoga. I do it all the time.  I want to convince you that doing yoga might be one of the most powerful tools in your brain health arsenal. Doing yoga has several direct benefits for your brain and physiological well being.  Let’s explore the 4 yoga brain health connections: 1. Yoga boosts levels of BDNFBrain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is a protein that has so man

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    6 Health Benefits of Coffee That Will Blow Your Mind

    I’m a massive fan of coffee. Personal favorite, iced cold brew. Next, I love cold espresso. But it doesn’t just taste good, coffee is actually good for you. That’s right! Here are 6 mind-blowing coffee health benefits that I want to share with you: 1. Coffee is America’s #1 source of antioxidants. These come in the form of polyphenols. While there are definitely foods that have higher l

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    When Conventional Medicine Didn’t Help my Lyme Disease, I turned to Diet and Mindfulness to Heal

    By Steph Eckelcamp

    The whole mess began completely out of the blue in May 2010, when I was a bright-eyed 22-year-old ready to take on the magazine publishing world. It was a sharp, stinging sensation in my left ankle after a day of exploring the city, and I chalked up the pain to a combo of unsupportive flats, concrete, and ambitious sightseeing plans. Spoiler: It was Lyme disease, but I wouldn't get a diagnosis

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    Are You SAD? 4 Natural Home Remedies to Make You SMILE Again!

    One thing I always notice this time of year is that people seem to be a little more SAD. Now I don’t mean sad in the traditional way, but I’m talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder. Don’t worry, I’m here to give you some SAD remedies that you can start implementing at home today! SAD has many symptoms: Depression, Low Energy, Trouble Sleeping, Irritability. Does that sound like anyon

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    Healthier Sugar-Free Chocolate? Yes, Please, Says This Registered Dietitian!

    It’s hard to imagine Valentine’s Day without a sweet confection like chocolate. Even if you’re trying to gear up for swimsuit season in a few months, it’s not easy to escape the allure of the delicately wrapped packages and the heavenly taste. Don’t fret! There are ways to make it healthier – go organic or make sugar-free chocolate at home. Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is everywhere

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    Take the Sugar Pledge and Join Our Free Sugar Detox Challenge!

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image="17682" img_size="full" alignment="center" css=".vc_custom_1480479803013{margin-bottom: -20px !important;}"][vc_row_inner css=".vc_custom_1480531568481{padding-top: 20px !important;}"][vc_column_inner width="1/6"][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width="2/3"][vc_column_text] Sign up today for our next Sugar Detox Challenge and starting Monday, April 3, y

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    Your brain on sugar. It affects more than you think.

    It’s no secret that sugar affects our waistlines. We know it’s linked to cavities and diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. But that’s not all that’s affected by consuming an excess of sweets. Sugar affects brain function as well. Eating too much sugar has been linked to poor memory, overeating, learning disorders, depression and anxiety. How does sugar affect the

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    7 Sugar Free Desserts (and Snacks) To Satisfy Your Cravings

    Are you trying to cut sugar out of your diet? That's a great idea since eliminating sugar can decrease your risk of disease, help peel off pounds and improve your energy levels. We know doing a sugar detox is not easy and you may experience sugar cravings along the way. It's especially hard when it comes to sweet desserts! We’re here to help with sugar free dessert ideas! We’ve compiled seven

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    Nikki Sharp’s 5 Rules on How Long You Should be Working Out

    As a fitness and health coach, one of the questions I am always asked is “how long should I workout?” I don’t have an easy answer because in reality, it truly does not matter how long your exercise routine is.  When it comes to exercising, what is important is quality, not quantity, and that depends on your individual body and lifestyle. People workout at different paces, with different

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    Cutting Out Sugar and Confused If Artificial or “All-Natural” Sweeteners are OK Substitutes? 4 Key Facts You Need to Know

    Starting a sugar detox seems straightforward- cut out all foods that have sugar. But with all of the artificial and all-natural sweetener options on the market, saying no to sugar is not always so clear cut. Too much sugar in one’s diet is frequently targeted for its detrimental health effects, but there is a lot of confusion when it comes to the good and bad of alternative sweeteners. Companies

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    Why Nikki Sharp Doesn’t Diet Anymore

    Through the years I’ve experimented with just about every diet; you name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve done raw, vegan, Paleo, juiced, Master Cleanses...and every other diet or eating trend out there. Eventually I realized that there is no right “diet” for me or for all of us. I’ve learned that my health journey is different from everyone else’s, and I need to follow my own path. We all ha

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    5 Surprising Reasons Why Sugar is Making You Age Faster!

    Before you reach for a dessert tonight or order a soft drink with your next meal, you may want to think again. You probably know that a diet full of sugary, processed foods leads to packing on pounds, but did you know that sugar has health effects far worse than just undesirable weight gain? Sugar can have many toxic effects on the body, ranging from skin damage to cancer. Here’s 5 ways sugar ca

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    4 Natural Remedies to Fight Off Cold Season

    Have you been hit with the sick bug this year yet? If so, I hope you were able to combat it quickly. If not, I put together a list of my absolute favorite herbs and natural remedies for cold and flu - these are some must have on hand tips and products if and when necessary. I was struck with a severe cold for two weeks this fall and suffered from an ongoing cough for many weeks after. For me,

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    What the Heck is the Low-FODMAP Diet? An Expert Explains

    Many people are living in pain right now and are unaware their discomfort could be due to consuming onions, garlic, wheat, apples, lactose, sugar-free candy, or other foods high in FODMAPs. Pain and symptoms can include constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain and distension, lower back pain, lack of sleep, stress, sexual dysfunction, missed work days, and an overall disinterest in social activities

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    I Had the Perfect Life Until My Husband Committed Suicide, and I Started Losing My Sanity… This is What Happened Next!

    One woman shares her inspiring story of overcoming depression brought on by a husband’s suicide, job loss by making small, mindful changes instead of relying on medications and self-pity. For most of my life, I played it safe. I did well in school, I got a good job, I got married and bought a beautiful home. Everything I did followed a safe and predictable path. Until suddenly, life changed.

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    10 Life Hacks to Cut Out Sugar Forever from a Registered Dietitian You Can Trust

    Registered Dietitian, Rachel DeVaux, arms you with 10 life hacks to cut out sugar from your diet and go sugar free, not just for a couple of days, but for the long term. It is estimated that the average American eats about 22 teaspoons of added sugar every day. This adds up to over 70 pounds of sugar a year! The majority of this sugar sneaks its way into staple household items, providing calor

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    Success Story: Danielle Walker’s Story Changed My Life. How I Saved My Colon with Diet Instead of Surgery

    Ulcerative Colitis ran in Makenna’s family and her doctor told her she would need to get her colon removed. She said no way! Instead, Makenna turned to food to heal ulcerative colitis. Inspired by Danielle’ Walker’s story in her book Against All Grain, Makenna realized the diet changes - a clean eating diet -  made a huge difference in managing her IBD.   Years ago, my grandma wa

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