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    8 Amazing Marine Collagen Benefits for Health & Beauty

    Are you wondering what marine collagen is what are the health benefits of hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides? We looked at the science and clinical research and our experts are here to explain. Marine collagen, which comes exclusively from fish, has numerous health benefits including helping to decrease wrinkles and scars, stabilizing blood sugar, reducing inflammation, among many others. It’s

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    Living with Lupus: The 2 Things I Do Every Day To Live a Normal Life Again

    May is National Lupus Awareness Month! We are featuring Bryana’s story of a lupus diagnosis that began when she was 12. Since that day, she’s worked to manage her lupus and educate others about her disease. It’s taken several years, determination and patience, but now at age 16, Bryana is feeling well, and keeping busy with school and friends. She has finally been able to successfully manage

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    Beat Belly Fat With 11 Tips From Dr. Josh Axe

    Looking your best and feeling your best go hand in hand. Unwanted belly fat not only impacts our self esteem, it can also cause a surprising number of several long-term health problems. Dr. Josh Axe tells us why belly fat is an important health concern and 11 ways you can eliminate belly fat for good! Losing weight is in the forefront of many of our minds. And there’s a lot of advice out ther

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    My Eating Disorder Consumed Me. Here’s How I Broke Free and Healed

    Recovering from an eating disorder is not an easy task. Lee Hersh spent many years working to overcome emotional and disordered eating, including anorexia and binge eating. She can now say she has learned to love her body for its strength and purpose. Here she shares her story of courage and triumph. I was lucky to grow up with a loving and supportive family that appreciated healthy eating. Yet

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    Why Collagen is a Supplement all Diabetics Should Be Taking

    For the 115 million Americans living with diabetes or prediabetes, collagen protein supplementation can provide several health benefits that diet and exercise alone cannot. Supplementing with collagen can help reverse the body’s natural decline of collagen production. This is especially important for diabetics whose collagen supply declines more rapidly than it does for the average individual. A

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    5 Signs You’re An Emotional Eater And How To Stop

    Have you ever eaten a big meal and still felt the urge for more food? Have you ever kept eating when you knew you weren’t hungry? Do you feel a deep hunger that you just can’t get rid of, no matter how much food you eat? These are classic, telltale signs that you are struggling with emotional eating. Here are 4 strategies from a weight loss coach and holistic nutritionist that can help you ove

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    7 Snacks to Stop Sugar Cravings by Famed NYC Nutritionist Dana James

    Oh no. The sweet treats are luring you. (Again!) We’re at our weakest from 4 to 10 p.m., and, for the most part, we give into sugar cravings more than we’d like to. Maybe you’ve tried the dark chocolate thing, but then the entire bar somehow disappears in two days. And you’ve tried going cold turkey on all sugar, including fruit, only to find yourself eating an entire container of nuts

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    I Said NO to Sugar and YES to Collagen and Then This Happened!

    When Phyllis signed up for the Further Food 7 day sugar detox and started taking 2 scoops of collagen protein a day, she couldn’t have known what would happen in the following 3 months. When she first signed up, she could barely walk 10 minutes… but now 3 months later walks 90 minutes a day to Leslie Sansone DVDs! She’s lost 30 pounds and has more energy than she’s ever known! And that’s

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    What a Daughter with a Chronic Condition Desperately Wants Her Parents to Know

    By Gretchen Otte

    I can honestly say that my mother and father saved my life. I would not be here today if they were not by my side. During a scary, worrisome time in my life, both of my parents provided an enormous amount of love and support in different ways. My mother is my best travel buddy, my protector, my personal advocator, my number one cheerleader, and my soulmate. She was the only person first hand to

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    Dear Mom and Dad: You Saved Me from My Darkest Celiac Moments

    By Casey Cromwell

    There are some things parents can't know about their children until they happen. What does their laugh sound like? Do they prefer carrots or green beans? Will they be an athlete, an artist, a teacher? My parents experienced their share of surprises with me, but the hardest — and perhaps most shocking — was my celiac disease diagnosis during my senior year of high school. Suddenly, they had

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    I Had the Perfect Life Until My Husband Committed Suicide, and I Started Losing My Sanity… This is What Happened Next!

    One woman shares her inspiring story of overcoming depression brought on by a husband’s suicide, job loss by making small, mindful changes instead of relying on medications and self-pity. For most of my life, I played it safe. I did well in school, I got a good job, I got married and bought a beautiful home. Everything I did followed a safe and predictable path. Until suddenly, life changed.

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    Stop IBS Symptoms Immediately (And Finally Feel Better!) With These 10 Tips from Dr. Mark Hyman

    Did you know that about 60 million people — 20 percent of Americans — have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? (That’s more than the population of California and New York combined!) These people struggle with miserable, often disabling symptoms like bloating, cramps, diarrhea, constipation and pain. The first step to healing is finding the root cause, says functional medicine expert Dr. Mark Hym

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    Dr. Akil Explains Principle 1 of The Paleovedic Diet (Paleo + Ayurveda): How to Eat More Nutrient Dense Foods For Your Ayurvedic Body Type

    What is the Paleovedic diet? It combines principles of the Paleo diet philosophy with that of Ayurveda - specifically eating colorful, nutrient dense foods.  Functional medicine expert, Dr. Akil, coined the term Paleovedic Diet and explains in this article why Americans AREN’T getting enough nutrients and 10 ways to increase the nutrient density of what you’re eating! We’ve all heard th

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    21 Things Never to Say to Someone Struggling With Infertility

    By Megan T

    We’re just going to state the obvious: Infertility is a very sensitive topic. There are so many people struggling to get pregnant for a variety of reasons and sometimes what they’re hearing from those around them doesn’t help ease their troubles. Often, comments that might seem like simple suggestions are actually pretty hurtful to those having difficulty conceiving. “The two years we s

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    Dr. Akil Says Combine Paleo AND Ayurveda To Heal Autoimmune Diseases

    Could there be a better way to reverse the symptoms of autoimmune conditions, or perhaps prevent them before they develop? Dr. Akil says yes, there is - by combining the Paleo and Ayurvedic philosophies. An autoimmune disease develops when your immune system, which defends your body against disease, decides your healthy cells are foreign. As a result, your immune system attacks healthy body cells.

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    What is the Difference Between Collagen, Collagen Peptides, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Gelatin? A Nutritionist Explains

    Collagen, collagen peptides and gelatin… they’re all terms you’ve likely heard before. But what’s the difference? Should we care? Collagen, collagen peptides and gelatin are used interchangeably because they are all made of the same 18 types of amino acids and provide eight of the nine essential amino acids. On the surface, it sounds like they’re pretty similar. Yet when you take a close

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    5 Ways To Ensure Your Child Has a Healthy Gut, Advice from a Functional Medicine Doctor

    When it comes to our children, we want them to have the very best. We do everything we can to give them all the tools they need to live a healthy and happy life. We teach them to walk and talk and how and what to eat. But one thing you may not have considered is your children’s gut health and microbiome. Helping our children have a healthy microbiome can have a positive effect on their gut healt

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    Are Hidden Allergies Destroying Your Body? A 6-Week Diet to Combat Them

    When it comes to chronic pain and depression, we now know that these states — and a host of conditions that accompany them — are caused by the inflammation of microglia (immune cells) in the brain. The microglia turn on inflammation, and when they reach a tipping point, they become hyper-reactive. The slightest assault can set them off, triggering system-wide inflammation that can be difficult

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