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I have a passion for nutrition-based medicine that originated in my own health journey and passion for long distance running. As a competitive long distance runner, I began to see a direct correlation between what I put into my body and how well I performed in races. This prompted a desire to understand the role of nutrition in controlling the processes and capabilities of the human body. I am continually fascinated by the ability of nutrition to dictate health, and seek food-based approaches to health and medicine..

Cutting Out Sugar and Confused If Artificial or “All-Natural” Sweeteners are OK Substitutes? 4 Key Facts You Need to Know

Starting a sugar detox seems straightforward- cut out all foods that have sugar. But with all of the artificial and all-natural sweetener options on the market, saying no to sugar is not always so clear cut. Too much sugar in one’s diet is frequently targeted for its detrimental health effects, but there is a lot of confusion when it comes to the good and bad of alternative sweeteners. Companies

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5 Surprising Reasons Why Sugar is Making You Age Faster!

Before you reach for a dessert tonight or order a soft drink with your next meal, you may want to think again. You probably know that a diet full of sugary, processed foods leads to packing on pounds, but did you know that sugar has health effects far worse than just undesirable weight gain? Sugar can have many toxic effects on the body, ranging from skin damage to cancer. Here’s 5 ways sugar ca

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5 Surprising Foods that Eliminate Sugar Cravings (and Heal Your Gut!)

Have you ever wondered why that piece of chocolate cake seems to be calling your name or why you just can’t resist one more cookie, while nutritious vegetables just don’t have the same appeal? It’s because of sugar! Sugar creates a hormonal signaling response in our bodies that drives the intense cravings for more. In fact, sugar has been found to be 8 times more addicting than cocaine! No w

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