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This week Further Food is pleased to spotlight Dr. Taz Bhatia MD, one of our experts specializing in integrative and emergency medicine, pediatrics and prevention, with expertise in women’s health, weight-loss and nutrition. After experiencing personal health challenges in her twenties and frustration with a broken health care system, Dr. Taz decided to pursue an alternative definition of healthy living.

Dr Taz’s nationally recognized practice, CentreSpringMD has been voted Atlanta’s Best Integrative Medicine facility. She focuses on getting to the root of a patient’s core health problems and discovering personal treatment options. In addition to writing The 21-Day Belly Fix and What Doctors Eat, Dr Taz. has served as a medical expert for CNN Headline News and frequently appears on TODAY, Access Hollywood, Good Morning America and other media outlets.

Whether your goal is to relieve allergies, start a spring detox program or lose those last 10 pounds, Dr. Taz has advice for you. She’ll be answering your most pressing questions (for free!) all week long on Further Food. Simply post your questions in the comments section below. We’ve also compiled some of Dr. Taz’s top detox recipes, allergy-busting advice and much, much more.

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Ask Dr. Taz Your Questions
“Help! My allergies are out of control. What can I do?” “Got any tips to help me lose weight without yo-yo dieting?” “What is the best way to detox my liver?” Share your questions with Dr. Taz in the comments below. She’ll be on call to give you advice from April 4th through April 10th.

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23 thoughts on “Expert Spotlight with Dr. Taz

    1. Dr. Taz, MD Post author

      Hi there,

      I love the idea of fasting to support the digestive system. It allows a period of rest where “clean up” can happen. I recommend a 12-hour fast daily (e.g., 8pm – 8am) or you can do a weekly fast for a 18-24 hour period. Make sure to stay hydrated.

    1. Dr. Taz, MD Post author

      Hi there, I’ve seen acupuncture to be helpful with Meneire’s Disease,
      along with reducing cervical muscle tension, and focusing on electrolytes and hormone balancing. Best – Dr. Taz MD

    1. Dr. Taz, MD Post author

      Hello, So glad you are looking for an integrative physician. You could connect with Dr. Lipman to see if he’s a fit for your needs. You might consider looking for a doctor who has completed Dr. Andrew Weil’s Fellowship in Integrative Medicine. – Dr. Taz MD

    1. Dr. Taz, MD Post author

      Hello, Alkaline diets are important in preventing inflammation and aiding in digestion. I recommend it all the time- choose high alkaline foods like green smoothies, vegetables and nuts to help shift you in the right direction. -Dr. Taz MD

  1. Slmx

    I have done the 2- day belly fix diet and have had good results. I Have been trying to stay on a diet of healthy whole foods. How often do you think that the 21 day fix should be done on average?

    1. Dr. Taz, MD Post author

      Hi, I know it can be tough. Probiotic-rich foods, like nondairy kefir or kombucha can help with acne. Focus on eating lots of fiber, which can also help aid digestion and keep skin clear. Hang in there. – Dr Taz mD

  2. Gary

    Hi Dr Taz, there is a history of heart disease that runs in my family. I am currently in my mid-thirties, are there some suggestions that you might have for me to implement now to keep my heart healthy and hopefully avoid heart issues down the road. Thanks for your time – love what you are doing for the health of individuals!

    1. Dr. Taz, MD Post author

      Hello, So glad to hear you are focusing on prevention! Keep your heart healthy by getting lots of omega-3 rich foods including fatty fishes, nuts, seeds and lots of protective antioxidants from berries, carrots and sweet potatoes. Keep your weight- especially your waist circumference (belly weight) – in check as well. -Dr. Taz MD

  3. Cameron

    Hi Dr. Taz. I struggle with adult acne which I believe is due to hormonal imbalance since I have tried every cleanser, topical, and prescription topical medication and nothing seems to help. What can I do (internally) to help clear up my skin?!

    1. Dr. Taz, MD Post author

      Hi Cameron, Acne is a cross between hormone imbalances and digestive issues. Try taking a probiotic daily, digestive enzymes with meals, and turmeric to help your skin and inflammation. Apple cider vinegar – both topically and orally can help too. Good luck! -Dr. Taz MD

  4. Gabbytovar

    I am currently six months pregnant and wanting to get my body as prepared for delivery and nursing as I can. What do you recommend in regards to food and/or supplements to help with this and any deficiencies that may happen during delivery and nursing?

    1. Dr. Taz, MD Post author

      Hello and Congratulations, Great job on preparing for your big arrival! Some of the biggest issues I’ve seen for women with delivery and nursing is a deficiency in B vitamins and iron. Storing up on these may help you have a better pregnancy and delivery- with more energy saved for your little one. Focus on a varied diet too! Best wishes. -Dr. Taz MD

    1. Dr. Taz, MD Post author

      Hello Janet, Circadian rhythm can be reset by taking melatonin prior to desired time of sleep – at least 30 minutes before – or try adrenal adaptogens like rhodiola or ashwagandha because those can help as well. -Dr. Taz MD