14 Indulgent Ways To Use Chocolate Collagen Protein Powder


We’ve got some decadent, chocolate collagen recipes you will love! Why doesn’t just adore the sweet, rich taste of chocolate? Now that Further Food Chocolate Collagen has been released, we’re ready to share delicious, nutritious recipes that are sure to support your health and treat your taste buds! You’ll be able to reap the benefits of collagen peptides, which promote healthier skin, stronger bones, joints, and muscles, and better gut health, to name a few. What’s even better is that in this nourishing blend of collagen and dark chocolate, there is also reishi mushroom which can help boost your mood as an effective adaptogen. Intrigued? Check out these mouth-watering, chocolatey recipes that are boosted with Further Food Chocolate Collagen.


What is Further Food Chocolate Collagen?

We’ve combined our grass-fed, pasture-raised Collagen Peptides with Cocoa powder, Reishi mushroom, and Monkfruit to make a rich Chocolate Lover’s blend. This chocolate protein powder can be used to make protein shakes, added to coffee, smoothies and even bake with! 


Chocolate Lover's Paradise


What are the benefits of using Chocolate Collagen?

Besides tasting delicious, Further Food Chocolate Collagen will super boost your health! You’ll get the benefits of collagen peptides, which can help in reducing wrinkles, strengthen hair, skin, and nails, and improve gut and joint health. Daily supplementation is recommended to help replenish our constantly depleting supply of collagen. Luckily, since this Chocolate Collagen tastes so good, this shouldn’t be a problem! And Further Food Chocolate Collagen also includes reishi mushrooms which are known as both mood and immune boosters. Each scoop contains 9 grams of protein, 0 grams carbs, and 0 grams sugar.


How do I use it?

Further Food Chocolate Collagen mixes easily into water, coffee, milk, smoothies, and more. To help you get some chocolate inspiration, we’ve collected some of our favorite ways you can use Chocolate Collagen. From brownies to ice creams, Further Food Chocolate Collagen will add a rich chocolatey flavor and a nutritional boost to all your recipes. 





Energy balls are the best because they’re so simple to prepare. These make the perfect in-between snack when hunger hits, and despite only being three ingredients, the Chocolate Collagen helps satiate and satisfy you! Prepare these protein-packed, sugar-free Chocolate Energy Balls at the beginning of the week so you can keep them in the fridge and snack on them whenever those cravings hit!



chocolate collagen browniesHoly Fudge! These rich and gooey Brownies will definitely satisfy your chocolate cravings. These brownies have some good for you healthy fats thanks to the almond butter and almond flour. Plus, the Chocolate Collagen help to give these brownies their rich chocolate taste, and you get stronger nails, thicker hair and smoother skin. Now you have a real excuse for eating more than one!


Indulge Guilt-Free


Chocolate collagen PB Shake

Looking for the ultimate post-workout recovery boost? Look no further. One serving of this Chocolate Peanut Butter Collagen Protein Shake will readily feed your sore muscles and help them repair and recover, all thanks to the Chocolate Collagen. The nutty taste comes from the peanut butter, and you’ll get a nice boost in fiber from the banana! Studies have also shown that collagen peptides are more satiating than whey, so if you’re looking to control your appetite, this is the shake for you!



Chocolate Collagen Hot ChocolateThere’s really nothing cozier than a cup of hot chocolate. What if we told you that you can also get the ultimate protein and mood boost along with it? Yes, this recipe is sure to relax you with the soothing qualities of the adaptogenic reishi mushrooms and that decadent dark chocolate taste. Sharing this rich, sugar-free beverage with your loved ones sounds like the perfect way to end the day.



Chocolate Collagen Iced CoffeeWe want you to start your morning right, and we know exactly how! Preparing this refreshing cup of mocha takes just two minutes and three ingredients. The collagen will give you a boost in energy and 8 grams of protein, and of course, that rich chocolate taste comes from the Chocolate Collagen! This beverage also has 0 grams of sugar despite the sweet flavor, and the adaptogenic reishi mushroom will help you take on your day in a better mood! It’s a win-win!



chocolate collagen mousseTalk about comfort food! All you need for this Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse recipe is a few scrumptious ingredients and a blender – 5 minutes, and you are ready to dig in to a mouth-watering treat. You’ll be getting 13 grams of protein because of the gelatin, peanut butter and Chocolate Collagen, which can lead to stronger bones and softer skin. Also, this recipe is dairy-free and low-carb, and if you want to modify the texture to something more of a custard consistency, put the mousse in the fridge for a little while! Make it your own!



chocolate collagen ice-cream-sandwichWe all scream for Nice Cream, so how about protein-boosted nice cream sandwiches that are loaded with Chocolate Collagen and a bonus banana-nut taste? The cookies are where the magic happens – load them up with chocolate collagen for a full belly after one serving. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Nice Cream Sandwiches are the perfect way to cool down and fill up after a hot summer day!



chocolate collagen smoothie bowlSmoothie bowls are great because they can be the perfect way to kick off your day, or cool down after a work-out, or just enjoy as a dessert! This chocolatey bowl is loaded with antioxidants and minerals, and you’re sure to get an energy boost. Now, if the sweet, nutty taste of this smoothie doesn’t make you smile, the reishi mushrooms from the chocolate collagen will – it has natural mood-enhancing benefits! Customize your smoothie with your favorite toppings, like berries or chia seeds!



 nice creamWe couldn’t just leave you with one nice cream recipe, now could we? This unique nice cream makes a great breakfast or snack, because it’s super sweet from the natural sugars of the fruit – and, of course, it’s also packed with many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as a result! This recipe also includes coconut and avocado that add healthy fats. In need of some protein? The Chocolate Collagen will add a chocolatey dimension to the taste and boost you up with important amino acids to support your health!



Chocolate mint muffinThere’s something so decadent about combining the sweet taste of chocolate and the refreshing flavor of mint, and these Chocolate Mint Muffins can attest! This recipe is free of additional starches and fillers, and the antioxidant-rich dark chocolate will help your body protect itself from free radical damage. The chocolate collagen is full of collagen protein and reishi mushroom, 

which can work together to reverse aging by supporting your skin and enhancing your mood! Just imagine the smell of these warm muffins in the morning!



coco oatsStrive to make your breakfast even more nutritious and delicious! A hot bowl Cinnamon Cacao Oats in the morning will satisfy your hunger pains and sugar cravings. Consider this an ideal post-workout snack, too, because of its 19 grams of protein – a lot of which are coming from the collagen peptides that support muscle recovery and healthy joints. The recipe also includes cinnamon as a natural sweetener that is high in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties that your body will thank you for! Mix up your morning oats and try this recipe!



banana chocolate collagen cupsGuilt-free candy? Count us in! These sweet little treats may look small, but they will keep you full until your next meal. How? The Chocolate Collagen! Collagen peptides are a special kind of protein that contain essential amino acids to support your health, and because proteins are fulling by nature, you are sure to be satisfied with this snack. Try preparing these before work or going out – when you come back, they’ll be waiting for you in the freezer, ready to enjoy!



pumpkin bars chocolate frostingThese scrumptious pumpkin bars are not only gluten-free, nut-free, and paleo-friendly, but they also don’t require any baking! Yes, that’s right! Turn that oven off and enjoy the combination of eye-healthy pumpkin puree, and iron-rich dark chocolate. The Chocolate Collagen will bring out the chocolatey, sweet flavor and give you the ultimate protein boost! Meal-preppers, you’ll want to check this one out!



Avocado BrowniesBrownies do not have to be a guilty pleasure! These nutritious Fudgy Avocado Collagen Brownies will fill you and your chocolate cravings! The avocado is high in healthy fats, and the collagen protein can help support your hair, teeth, skin, and bones. How can something so sweet be so low in sugar?


Chocolate Lover

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