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My Doctors Said They Couldn’t Help My IBS and Leaky Gut, So I Helped Myself. Here’s How

By Blair Flynn

Living on processed foods, sodas, sugar, and gluten-containing products was the norm when I was younger. I thought that because I swam over four hours a day competitively, it did not necessarily matter what I put into my body; I was burning so much energy and so many calories anyway. Keeping the weight on was hard enough. I thought junk food would do the trick. However, as time progressed, I sta

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I Thought I Was Healthy, Until I Discovered I Was Actually Eating 100 Grams of Sugar a Day

For years, I suffered numerous problems in my body such as constant bloating, leaky gut and SIBO, chronic migraines and lack of energy. Eventually, I figured out that I was eating way too much sugar and that my sugar addiction was causing my health problems. So I decided to cut out the sugar - do a sugar detox. Drastically reducing my sugar intake was the best thing I did for my physical and menta

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