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Why You Should Eat Fat & Protein Every Day For Breakfast

Ahhh, breakfast... Bacon, eggs, hash browns? Cereal, smoothie, oatmeal? Some of us eat a big breakfast, and some of us skip it. But not only is it important to eat breakfast every day, but equally as important is what you eat! Read on to find out the best foods to eat for breakfast which will keep you full and help avoid blood sugar rollercoasters! It’s important to understand one simple thin

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Summer Dinner Series: Five-Course Healthy Indian Pop-Up

By Lillian Zhao

Our first pop-up was a blast, so we're hosting another one! With healthy twists on traditional dishes such as raita and chutney, Further Food is taking Indian food a step further! Drawing from her expertise in Ayurvedic cooking, Emilie, our Further Food chef, will be preparing a mouth-watering 5-course dinner for you. Find the full menu on the event page. Location: Chelsea NYC Date: Thursda

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