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6 Supplements All Vegans Need To Be Healthy Says Dr. Kahn

A vegan diet is certainly a healthy choice. But, by choosing a strict plant-based diet, vegans may miss out on some key nutrients. To ensure those on a plant-based diet get the vitamins they need, Dr. Joel Kahn recommends 6 vegan supplements that will keep you healthy. After 40 years of choosing a plant-based diet for myself and 30 years of telling my patients to do it, too, I still w

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These 4 Men Went Plant-Based, Lost More Than 365 lbs AND Cured Their Diabetes and Heart Disease!

Dr. Joel Kahn, a cardiologist who believes strongly in plant-based diet benefits, has a goal of preventing 1 million heart attacks through education. His work and coaching speaks for itself—here, four of his patients, who have undergone dramatic weight loss through plant-based eating, share their success stories.You can read study after study touting plant-based diet benefits, but the best

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