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Psy. D - a highly sought-after psychotherapist and bestselling author of numerous books including his most recent, Heal Your Brain. Throughout his career, he has hosted several hit television series, served as a go-to expert in relationships, brain health, addiction and mental illness.

Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow Says: Change Your Mindset To Lose Weight

In their new book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think, Act & Be Happy, psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow and Amy Newmark (of Chicken Soup for the Soul series) write about how through changing the way you think, you can take charge of your life. Through a combination of personal stories, clear explanations, and guided journaling exercises, the authors help you tap into your brain to change the way you

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Beat Brain Fog In 10 Steps From Dr. Dow

It’s a cruel scientific fact that our brains start to slow down after we turn 40. And it can be downright frightening to accept that aging means an inevitable decline in brainpower. However, the way we take care of ourselves, including our stress level and lack of exercise, can affect our brain function, for the better or for the worse. Psychotherapist and neurotherapist Dr. Mike Dow explains ho

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7 Natural Remedies To Improve Your Mood Naturally From Dr. Dow

Whether it’s a particularly bad month or a chronic, diagnosed mental health disorder, our emotional state and overall mood overshadows our day, for better or for worse. Many mood and mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression are often treated with prescription medication. However, there are some natural remedies that can help beat depression and improve your mood. Neurotherapist and

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