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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Going Gluten-Free, Says Functional Medicine Expert Dr. Will Cole

Embracing a gluten-free diet can certainly provide health benefits. Functional medicine expert Dr. Will Cole often recommends that his patients with autoimmune disorders or other inflammatory conditions give it a try. However, if you’re making one of the mistakes that Dr. Will Cole sees most often, you may be negating the benefits! Here’s 6 mistakes to avoid if you’re giving up gluten. Have

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Toxic Relationships Can Harm Your Health. Here’s 6 Relationship Detox Tips From Dr. Will Cole

Being comfortable and loved in a relationship can help us feel confident and fulfilled. Yet some relationships, specifically toxic relationships, can provide us with some of the highest levels of stress of our lives, even leading to chronic health problems. Dr. Will Cole explains how to tell when your relationship is toxic and shares 6 tips for a relationship detox. Toxic relationships: when a

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12 Imbalances That Are Killing Your Sex Drive and How to Fix Them, According to Functional Medicine Doctor Will Cole

We’ve all been there. Our partner is ready for action right before we’re about to fall asleep and it’s the last thing we feel like doing! And sure, we can attribute it to the demands of children or work, or even an overall inability to relax. But functional medicine practitioner Dr. WIll Cole says there may be more to your low sex drive than just exhaustion. Read on for 12 things that may be

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