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Don’t fight with your kids over what they eat! A health coach recommends Further Food Collagen as a perfect protein for kids that her children love!

Mothering is hard. There’s developmental milestones and bullying, birthday parties and homework. And we want to make sure that our children are eating food that will support growth and sustain them throughout the day. One mom who is a health coach, found that Further Food Collagen is a clean protein for kids that is not only healthy, but something they actually ask for. As a health coach AND

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My Kids Don’t Eat What I Do… And Here’s Why That Makes Me Happy

By Stefanie Bonastia

I love my kids. And I want the best for them, especially a long, healthy life. But that doesn’t mean that I restrict certain foods or make them eat the same things that I do. Even though I have tried different types of diets for myself, I’m don't make my children eat that way. At home, we eat a variety of food — real food — and mostly organic. But I let them eat whatever they want on speci

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