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Sick of Dieting? Here’s the Real Secret to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

By Britt Martin

So many people are looking for the secret to losing weight. I don’t have a magical solution, but my advice is to stop dieting and worrying so much about the numbers on the scale. While you may want a quick fix, eventually, following a strict diet can get boring and restrictive. Most diets require you to avoid certain foods and just aren’t a realistic, long-term solution to weight loss. Sooner

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Digital Detox Anyone? 5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in the Social Media Age

While social media may pull us away from our own mindfulness, it can also strengthen connections and spread joy. We can “snap” a birthday celebration with far-flung family or “share” the new puppy with a son living at college. So here’s the question: how can we practice mindfulness in these modern digital times? And should we try? Is a digital detox even possible? Find 5 tips here for mi

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