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Why Your Last Detox Probably Failed

By Dr. Deanna Minich

MOST DETOXES DON’T LASTMost detoxes pick one single part of your body--your liver, perhaps, or your gut. But very few programs look comprehensively and systematically at your whole body and make sure that your entire physical self--from your feet through your belly through your heart to you brain--has every bit of support it needs to expel all your toxins….I didn’t want a detox that

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10 Facts You Never Knew About How Food Affects Your Mood

Have you ever noticed that you mood changes based on the foods you eat? If you’re shoveling down greasy burgers and fries at lunch, you may find yourself feeling more depressed. On the other hand, after a healthy Mediterranean style meal, full of fruits, vegetables, and fish, you may feel a boost of energy. Researchers have found many surprising connections between what we eat and how we feel. H

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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Turmeric Daily

If you’ve ever been asked the question “What’s one food you couldn’t live without?” you’ve probably had to think long and hard about the best possible answer. As a nutritionist, I know that there are thousands of foods with amazing health-boosting benefits. However, in my opinion, none are better than turmeric root!While the deep yellow spice may seem like an unconventional choice,

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