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My Struggle To Get My Body Back Post Baby: An Excerpt from Jenna Wolfe’s “Thinner in 30”

After I had my first daughter, Harper, I remember counting down the days until I got the green light from my OB to go back to the gym. It was six weeks. Six weeks was the magic number in my head. I knew that if I got to Week Six and everyone was healthy, I could slowly start to refocus my attention (at least a tiny tiny tiny portion of it) on getting myself back in shape. I had been breastfeeding

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What Jenna Wolfe is Eating Today. Her Simple Meal Plan for Keeping Cravings at Bay

Simply put… EAT. I want you to have breakfast and then follow it up with small meals every two to three hours, so that you never feel hungry at any point of the day.Anytime you wait too long between meals--or miss a meal altogether--your body can interpret that innocent slipup as starvation, which can cause it to break down lean muscle tissue for energy and store a greater amount of whatever

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