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Sugar Detox Coach Finally Finds a Clean Protein Powder to Recommend to Clients

“I'm so pleased to have finally found a clean protein powder to recommend to my sugar detox clients. Further Food Collagen is all natural, paleo, free of gluten, dairy, sugar and soy, and dissolves completely with no gritty taste. It's a welcome addition to my morning routine!” - Julie My clients often come to me looking for an option for a clean protein supplement. They want a protein sour

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Finding Relief from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with a Paleo Diet

By Julie Fischer

Julie learned how to control her debilitating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis ( MS) , which included tingling, numbness and migraines, by finding a whole-foods based Paleo diet.   Growing up in the ‘80s when the mantra was “fat makes you fat,” my diet consisted mostly of carbs and low fat or fat-free processed foods. My childhood nutrition included frozen TV dinners, canned fruit, p

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