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Success Story: After a Longtime Struggle, How I Finally Beat MS

By Kim HoffmanIt all started when I was 21 years old.I had just gotten home from working the closing shift. I was having a snack and watching TV, when suddenly an electrical wave washed over me – from my neck to my feet, for lack of a better word, I went numb. I remember thinking, “this can’t be good.” But I did what any logical person would do; I ignored it until it went away.

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How I Poisoned Myself Into an Multiple Sclerosis Flare-Up

After seven years of being in remission from MS, I just experienced the worst Multiple Sclerosis flare up  of my life and it was entirely my fault.It started out in what I thought was going to be more of an annoyance attack. I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that every single part of my body was numb, from my scalp down to the bottoms of my feet. Creepy...yes, debilitating...n

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