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Nikki Sharp’s 10 Health Hacks to Stay Trim This Holiday Season

The holidays can bring so much joy, but the time from Thanksgiving through the New Year can also bring a lot of stress and extra pounds. Watching what you eat can seem irritating, especially during the holidays: it is so tempting to grab that extra piece of pumpkin pie, drink all the wine and eggnog your body will allow. Between family gatherings and work events, the temptations are endless. I w

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Nikki Sharp’s 5 Rules on How Long You Should be Working Out

As a fitness and health coach, one of the questions I am always asked is “how long should I workout?” I don’t have an easy answer because in reality, it truly does not matter how long your exercise routine is.  When it comes to exercising, what is important is quality, not quantity, and that depends on your individual body and lifestyle. People workout at different paces, with different

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Why Nikki Sharp Doesn’t Diet Anymore

Through the years I’ve experimented with just about every diet; you name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve done raw, vegan, Paleo, juiced, Master Cleanses...and every other diet or eating trend out there. Eventually I realized that there is no right “diet” for me or for all of us. I’ve learned that my health journey is different from everyone else’s, and I need to follow my own path. We all ha

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