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How Diet and Collagen Supplementation Healed my Multiple Sclerosis and Keep my Fingers and Joints Pain Free!

Blogger and online personality Paleo Boss Lady suffered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to no avail for years until she took her health into her own hands and began using food as medicine. Following the well-known Wahls Protocol for MS, she regained the use of her limbs and stopped taking a daily regimen of medications over the course of a few years. But it wasn’t until she found collagen that her

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PaleoBOSS Lady’s 7 Health Tricks To Regain Balance When Life Seems Out of Control

PaleoBOSS Lady Diane V Capaldi spent a long time suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) before she changed her diet and mindset, eventually succeeding in curing her symptoms. Today, she recognizes there will be times when things in her life may be so stressful and spinning out of control that she needs a more robust wellness plan just to stay healthy. It’s during these times that she goes to her

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I Healed My MS Naturally. Now I’m “Taking It To The Streets”

Diane V Capaldi is on a mission to change the world and everyone’s perspective on life and attitude, one road trip and one meal at a time. A former chef and business entrepeneur who also suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Capaldi, better known as The PaleoBOSS Lady, is currently on a multi-year road trip across America to spreading her message of empowerment, healthy living and healing with f

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