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Why You Should Use an Instant Pot and 3 Paleo Recipes to Get You Started

Bestselling author and blogger, Jennifer Robins loves her new Instant Pot! While at first she was scared to use it, once she had “her first Instant Pot experience, I was hooked.” Her new cookbook Paleo Cooking With Your Instant Pot features 80 delicious gluten and grain free recipes. In this excerpt, Jennifer shares how she uses the Instant Pot for everything from bone broth to stews and even

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My Chronic Illnesses, Panic Attacks, and Migraines Left Me Barely Able to Move…Until I Turned to Paleo to Heal

Excellent health, incredible energy and stamina, and a zest for life blessed me for 26 years.  Very few days of school or work were missed due to ill health, and when the occasional sickness occurred, healing quickly followed. With such a dependable immune system, I never worried over quality of food, hours slept, or administration of self-care — all components integral to good health. In my

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