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18 No Cook Protein-Packed Recipes to Beat the Heat

By Amanda Hulse

We spend enough time trying to cool down over the summer— don’t waste your time sweating over the stove too! Try these ideas for refreshing, delicious, and easy-to-create dishes that won’t have you anywhere near the kitchen heat. As an added bonus? These healthy, protein-packed recipes will leave you energized for all your fun summer adventures!   GRAB & GO SNACKS 1. Turmeric

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Dietitian Tells All: 4 “Healthy” Foods to Ditch and 5 Foods To Love

By Amanda Bontempo, MS, RD, CDN

As a Registered Dietitian at a major NYC hospital, I tell all my patients that optimal nutrition is about being an informed eater, an empowered eater. Being a healthier version of yourself isn't about giving up all your favorite foods, or fasting, or sticking to a severely restricted diet plan. It's about making small changes that collectively make real and lasting impact on health. That being sai

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7 Essential Tips I Use to Make Life Better with IBS

By Jennie Clark

Having spent many years battling IBS, I’ve picked up some tricks along the way that have been extremely helpful in managing my various symptoms. I hope you find them as helpful as they have been to me! 1. Morning Fruit: I mostly keep fruit intake to the mornings as I am able to digest a good amount without triggering an IBS reaction, whereas if I eat fruit later in the day I often develop abdom

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The Biggest Lesson My Parents Taught Me When My Health Was at Risk

By Jocelyn Weiss

I am so appreciative of my parents. From the time I was young, they taught me that I can do and be anything I set my mind to. When you hear that as a kid, you dream big. Maybe you aspire to become a doctor (I did get a PhD) or hike mountains (I’ve done that, too). Even more importantly for me, though, embracing that I-can-do-anything mindset has pushed me not to view my health issues as limitati

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Success Story: Going Vegan with Dr. McDougall Cured My Endometriosis and Helped Me Have My Son

Because of the McDougall Program I was able to rid my body of a painful chronic female condition, endometriosis, that causes suffering and infertility for millions of women, and eventually have a baby. I went through menarche in 1971 at the age of 13 and from my first period, I had severe dysmenorrhea, the medical term for menstrual cramps. With each subsequent menstruation the cramps got worse

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DIY: 3 Easy-to-Make Fermented Probiotic Drinks For Gut Health

By Casey Giltner, Nutritionist

Between the past decade's worth of yogurt commercials and the more recent kombucha craze, you've likely heard that probiotics are good for gut health. However, buying bottle after bottle of the fermented tea can get expensive, and not everyone can tolerate yogurt. Lucky for you, we’ve got three easy, make-at-home alternatives. Like kombucha and yogurt, benefits include increased immunity, bette

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10 Superfoods for a Happy, Healthy Gut

By Kayleen St. John MS, RD

Gut health. This trending term is both extremely broad and also far from straightforward. Most people do not fully understand the way in which an unhealthy gastrointestinal (GI) tract can adversely affect overall well-being. The good news, however,  is that we're now learning more and more about simple changes we can make in order to improve gut health.   We each have a unique bacteria

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5 Top Tips for Traveling with IBS, Worry-Free

By Kate Male

Traveling is always exciting; you meet new people, experience different cultures, and expand your flavor horizons with new tantalizing cuisines. However, if you suffer with IBS, a well-anticipated travel experience can become tougher than a stroll on the beach. Here I share my top tips for staying bloat-free and pain-free while looking glam and enjoying your trip!   1. Please Prepare For T

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I May Not Have Won Yet, But I’m Still Fighting to Control My PCOS Using Diet

By Natalia Swidzinska

Food: An Unrequited Love From the very first time I helped my mom in the kitchen, I knew I loved food. Unfortunately, it hasn't always loved me back. I view my relationship with food like a one-sided obsession that isn't always reciprocated. I've constantly had to adapt and tweak my preferences over the years. Despite eating like a horse, I have always been of slight build. Throughout my tee

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Is Your Job Destroying Your Health? 7 Simple Hacks to Stay Healthy at Your 9 to 5

By Reshma Adwar

A few of my nutrition clients (including my husband) find that their work schedule can get so hectic that they have a hard time making healthy choices throughout the day. They either have no time to eat, or they only have time for something quick at their desk (meaning pizza, muffins, a cereal bar, what have you). What’s more, sitting in a chair for most of the day only makes them more tired and

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13 Further Food Snacks Worth Watching the Superbowl For

By Casey Giltner, Nutritionist

13 Further Food Snacks Worth Watching the Superbowl For Superbowl party-goers across America are gearing up for some serious snacking this Sunday. Whether you're hosting your own smorgasbord, or kicking in a dish for someone else's, chances are your local grocery store is brimming with "all-American" options to help you feed the masses. But before you battle it out for the last jar of cheese dip,

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Why the Gut-Brain Connection Is the Key to a Longer Life

By Dr. Jennifer Wolkin

Most of us can relate to having “butterflies” in our stomach, or to a visceral gut-wrenching feeling. And you’ve most likely been told at some point to “go with your gut” or “follow your gut instinct.” Even from our simple slang, it’s clear just how symbolically connected the gut is to our emotions. The thing is, there’s tangible proof too. We all have a microbiome, and they a

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Success Story: I Thought Being Obese Was Just In My Genes…Until I Lost 133 Pounds (Naturally!) With Dr. Fuhrman

By Debbie

Like my whole family, I have been heavy most of my life and thought it is all in the genes. I tried every diet there is and thought about doing bypass surgery. But a friend of my mom had it and died due to complications. When I went for my yearly physical after my 50th birthday, my doctor gave me a present, high blood pressure medicine. I was already taking over the counter drugs for allergies and

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So Long, Winter! 6 Easy & Clean Eating Recipes That Prove Spring Never Tasted So Good

The tulips are blossoming and the birds are chirping away. Spring has most certainly sprung and now it’s time to come out of hibernation! This is your opportunity to whip up some of our favorite seasonal recipes that promote clean eating highlight the delicate flavors of the season. Bring spring to your plate this month with this mouthwatering collection of mild-weather classics done right! &

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9 Ridiculously Yummy Heart-Healthy Dishes You Need to Try

With February fast approaching, many of us have Valentine’s Day on the brain. But for this love-centered holiday, our focus is on the heart. And we’re not necessarily talking sweetheart candies or heart shaped chocolate truffles — as delicious as they are! Instead, this is all about that extra special part of us that keeps our blood flowing and our passions alive. We’ve cultivated a show-s

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Healthy Comfort Foods? Yes! 9 Recipes Top Bloggers Are Cooking Right Now

French fries, chili, pasta, chocolate…our list of comfort foods could go on and on. And with winter in full swing, it’s all that’s on our minds. We’re talking about the hearty, indulgent dishes that are not only delicious but satisfying — the recipes you turn to when you crave a really good meal or a decadent dessert on a cold, blustery day. Comfort food isn’t usually known for being h

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15 Clean-Eating Recipes That’ll Make You Ditch That Bag of Chips

The holidays are behind us and it’s a great time to start a healthier approach to eating. We’re talking about clean eating: consuming foods that are all-natural, not processed or overly-preserved. Sure, it can be tough to cut out some of your favorite foods that may be packaged or made with additives, but once you begin using only fresh ingredients, you’ll feel the difference and you may nev

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