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Plant-Based Diets Can Profoundly Influence Your Health, Cardiologist Dr. Robert Ostfeld Explains

From the grandmother who can play with her grandchildren again to the 60-year-old man who could hardly walk a city block and now regularly runs five miles, success stories from Dr. Robert Ostfeld’s Cardiac Wellness Program at Montefiore Health System are easy to find. The center was created five years ago with the goal of preventing and reversing disease - heart disease and other chronic conditi

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This Cardiologist Recommends Plants for His Heart Patients…And It Works!

By Dr. Robert Ostfeld

Did you know that heart and blood vessel disease is the number one killer of adult men and women in the United States? And approximately two out of every three adolescents have early signs of cholesterol disease in their blood vessels? What’s especially troubling about these statistics is that a lot of our heart problems are caused by our diet and lifestyle. So we are literally killing ourselves

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