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How to use Meditation to Curb Sugar Cravings

Yoga Medicine Founder, Tiffany Cruikshank explains how you can use the power of meditation and mindfulness to get to the root of what’s driving your sugar cravings. By understanding the root causes, you can overcome your sugar cravings without eating more sugar. “When it comes to weight loss, sugar is one of the most difficult cravings to manage. It creates an endless cycle of wanting more.

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Yoga Expert Tiffany Cruikshank On How You Can Meditate to Lose Weight and Control Cravings

Meditation has long been a powerful, reflective tool to help us develop a heightened sense of awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. But now, it’s possible to meditate your way to a healthy weight by using this method of self reflection to become more mindful-- when it comes to eating! In many ways, mastering mindful eating is the ideal way to lose weight. Oftentimes, we find ourselves eat

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Simple Yoga Techniques to Help you Reset Your Mind and Body for a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep has become a problem of epidemic proportions in our modern day lives. It seems we are always looking for ways to get better sleep. But erratic, jam-packed schedules, diet patterns, and psychological obstacles can make those zzzs ever so elusive. So are there any simple tips and tricks to getting that quality shut eye we cherish so dearly? Yoga-inspired techniques like meditation might be jus

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