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Dairy-Free Mashed Potatoes

A few years ago, when I embarked on a vegan diet, I thought my life-long love affair with this creamy side dish had to come to a screeching halt. I couldn’t ever quite wrap my brain, or taste buds, around vegan butter alternatives, so I was certain there was no way to make them. I was wrong. That Thanksgiving, out of desperation, I whipped out a carton of my favorite store-bought vegetable stock, tossed in some olive oil, rosemary and garlic, and had the creamiest bowl of satisfying mashed potatoes I could’ve hoped for. I no longer adhere to a vegan diet, but I still make these on a regular basis!

Further Food Commentary:

Mashed potatoes are a great food for those with IBS/IBD, as they are simple and easily digested. If you are healing from GI issues, make sure that you peel the potatoes, as glycoalkaloids found in skin can be hard on the digestive tract.

Garlic is a potent antioxidant, and is thought to help protect colon cells from cancerous growth, something that ulcerative colitis sufferers are at higher risk for. For those who are able to tolerate, it’s great for flavor and phytonutrient action. For those whose systems are upset by garlic, feel free to omit and throw in a little extra rosemary. A 2011 study found that the essential oils found in rosemary were helpful at reducing colitic activity, another major benefit to this dish.

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