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Energizing Coffee Gummies


Similar to “fat balls”, I created these yummy gummies (which I call Coffee Blocks) for instant energy! Ideally, you pop 3-6 (depending on the size) in your mouth right before the gym instead of downing an unhealthy energy drink. I personally can’t workout on a stomach full of food or I’ll get cramps, so these work perfectly!

The instant energy comes from the healthy fats as well as the coffee, plus they’re full of protein and GUT HEALTH from the gelatin!

Further Food Commentary:

Everyone loves gummies, but we don't love when they come filled with sugar. That's why we are excited about this sugar free gummy recipe. Plus, these are made with coffee, which make them different from run of the mill gummies, and they can provide an extra energy boost anytime of the day. You'll want to make more than one batch as these will go quickly! You can use square molds like Bethany has, or feel free to get creative and use different shapes.

By Allegra Cantoni Kuhl


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