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Success Story: What Happened When This Five-Time Cancer Survivor Quit Reading the News


Jessica came to me because she had gotten to know my work and felt that my approach would be the perfect fit for her. She told me she wanted to “cut through the noise” of what she knew she should be doing and eating and focus on the reality of what she could do. She had spent a lot of time consuming food news and it overwhelmed her. Her specific goal was to honor her desire to make herself a priority again and deciding to work with me was the commitment she made to take better care of herself.

The Plan

I worked with Jessica to create a plan that allowed her to take small actions to help her feel less overwhelmed and meet her goals. I wanted her to first work on reducing anxiety, then on including breakfast, and finally, on incorporating more exercise.

The Progress

I was always available for questions by email or text and gave Jessica ideas for easy tweaks to recipes since she struggled with being a picky eater. I encouraged her to take her leisurely neighborhood strolls to the next level by increasing her pace and holding weights. I also suggested she try working out in the park, which she later told me was such a beautiful environment, it didn’t make her feel like she was exercising.

The Outcome

Jessica feels her greatest success was learning to make improvements to her diet and exercise routines with small steps. She learned to manage the anxiety she felt from reading conflicting food news by unsubscribing from those outlets. Doing so actually had an enormously positive impact on her daily life and continues to today. She also found balance, eating well most of the time but learning not to beat herself up if she veers off path.

What’s more, Jessica was diagnosed with a lymphoma relapse and reported that she had an incredible response to her treatments, which she believes is due to the strong foundation she built working with me. She’s now a five-time cancer survivor. What an inspiring woman!


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