Health Hero Spotlight with Melissa Joulwan


This week Further Food is pleased to spotlight Melissa Joulwan, one of our health heroes! After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting (or, as she puts it, “being at war with my body for 30 years”) and seeing food as the enemy, Melissa discovered the paleo diet and committed to it wholeheartedly. That same year, she underwent a thyroidectomy, which prompted her to learn about how eating paleo impacts your hormones, mood, energy and more. Her new eating style changed her relationship with food and led to a healthier life and a more positive self-image.

Her first book, Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat, appeared on the Wall Street Journal best sellers list and the sequel, Well Fed 2, was named one of 2013’s best books by She shares her triumphs and failures in the kitchen and at the gym in her blog on

Whether you’re struggling with a chronic condition or thinking of going paleo, Melissa has advice for you. She’ll be answering your most pressing questions (for free!) all week long on Further Food. Simply post your questions in the comments section below. We’ve also compiled Melissa’s inspiring story of ending that war with her body, why she thinks everyone should go Whole30, the foods she always has in her kitchen, and much, much more.

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Ask Melissa Your Questions!
“How do I eat food without feeling guilty?,”  “I can still eat desserts on a paleo diet?” Share your questions with Melissa in the comments below. She’ll be on call to give you advice as well as share her recipes and health hacks from April 11-17.

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5 thoughts on “Health Hero Spotlight with Melissa Joulwan

    1. Melissa.joulwan Post author

      The paleo diet is a great way to manage thyroid conditions, but everyone’s experience with thyroid issues is very different. The treatment and habits vary based on whether it’s caused by an autoimmune condition, a thyroidectomy (like me), or other underlying causes. But eating paleo is an excellent way to reduce inflammation in the body which gives you a solid foundation for treating thyroid symptoms.

      Amy Myers is a very helpful resource for dealing with the medical challenges of thyroid issues:

      1. Janabrown

        thank you. although I am only on day 11 I still haven’t felt a change in my inflammation. I have tried so many things over the past 10 years ever since I was sick and then inflamed (permanently I guess). When that happened I was put on Thyroid meds and it gave me energy but nothing has ever helped the inflamation much, even GF DF. I hope it is the sugar and that I see some results by the end of this. I will check out Ann Myers. Thank you for the link.

  1. Jane Beth

    I’ve read about your amazing wellness habits and I aspire to be like you. How did you make the transition to such a healthy lifestyle? What really inspired you?

    1. Melissa.joulwan Post author

      Honestly, what inspired me was being COMPLETELY out of patience with not feeling good. My energy tanked in the afternoon, I was moody, my digestion was uncomfortable… I just didn’t want to live the rest of my life that way, and I knew that the right food and exercise would help. Once I made the decision to make some changes, I started experimenting to find what works best for me. I did a TON of research and tried all different kinds of workouts and eating plans. The ones that stuck are paleo (because it feels very natural and it’s so healthy) and a good mix of walking, yoga, meditation, and strength training for my workouts.

      If you want to make life changes, I recommend you start by trying paleo for 30 days to give your body time to heal and to give new habits enough time to take hold. Throw some walking every day into your schedule, and you’ll have a great start!


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