My Story: Battling IBS While Rekindling My Love of Food


I’ve had IBS since I was a teenager. It’s always been bad, but in February 2014, I began suffering an IBS flare-up that lasted six months.  Not only was I unable to work, I also developed whole body pains very similar to fibromyalgia, a disorder in which musculoskeletal pain is amplified, had crippling abdominal pain, and suffered from insomnia and depression. I had several tests done but everything came back normal and healthy, demonstrating the ‘invisibility’ of IBS.  Too scared to eat, by May I was severely underweight and developed an eating disorder.  I consumed the bare minimum to gain control over my symptoms.

I decided to strictly avoid known IBS triggers such as fructans, fructose, polyols, and lactose, and within a month, I was no longer in pain.  I finally had a good night’s sleep and my IBS symptoms started going away.  I now live on a diet low in FODMAPs, but I work hard to have a diet that’s as healthy, balanced and nutritious as possible.

Eating a low FODMAP diet can be hard as it is an exclusion diet, so I use my recipes to show “how to beat IBS” through a varied diet that does not leave you undernourished.

Check out my 7 Essential Tips I Use to Make Life Better with IBS!

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