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How To Use & FAQs

3 Easy Ways to Use Mindful Matcha:

Our Favorite Recipes with Mindful Matcha


What does It taste like? Mindful Matcha contains a delicious blend of superfoods and adaptogens that give it a fresh, revitalizing earthy flavor with vibrant notes of ginger. It blends well into teas, smoothies, soups or other recipes.

Is this organic? Mindful Matcha is USDA Organic Certified. This means that each ingredient has been verified and approved for being in compliance with USDA organic standards.

  • What are the ingredients and how do I store it? 
  • Our Mindful Matcha is made from organic matcha from Japan as well as organic ashwagandha, organic ginger, organic wheatgrass and organic cordyceps mushroom. It contains no sweeteners, additives or fillers. We recommend storing in a dark, cool place.

    Where do you source your matcha from? Our matcha comes from the Camellia sinensis plant grown in Kagoshima, Japan.

    Are there any side effects? No known side effects have been reported. If you are currently taking any medications to treat an existing condition or are pregnant or nursing, we recommended that you talk to your doctor prior to using Mindful Matcha.

    Is this vegan? Yes, this product is 100% plant based and suitable for vegan diets.

    What is the shelf life? The shelf life is about two years. Once opened, we recommend consuming Mindful Matcha within a few months for optimal freshness, color and taste.

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