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  • Posted in Can You Really Lose Weight Just by Walking? Fitness Expert Leslie Sansone Has Proof That You Can (& the Workouts to Help You Do It!) on Wednesday Apr 6, 2016

    Years ago, as a teen I did Walk Away The Pounds on vhs when I was at my friend's house. It was her mom's and we initially thought it was so silly...but it ended up being SO fun! My prime reason for exercise is not for superficial reasons; i.e to lose weight (although that is a plus!) I walk because I have had depression for many years (coupled with moderate anxiety) and it really gives me a sense of accomplishment. The endorphins released from exercise are NO JOKE and help me feel better, and sometimes all that effort that it takes me to muster up to just MOVE is worth it. Walking or exercising with a friend is a double boost for me. On a low note, I just moved to a new town where I know only a handful of people...and I no longer have my group of active friends who gave me the pushes that I needed and that has been a real struggle for me. I have some real roadblocks to overcome, but I'm sure with time it will get easier!

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