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  • Posted in Suffering from Autoimmune Pain? The First Step You Should Take for Relief on Monday Apr 11, 2016

    It would be kind of hard to change that mindset without help I would think. When I have my extreme pain and bloating (which is also extreme), it also makes my blood sugar uncontrollable which effects my anxiety and oCD/PTSD?DEPression, etc....(several diseases, and they seem to all be related and effect one another, but never officially diagnosed as autoimmune)

  • Posted in Can You Really Lose Weight Just by Walking? Fitness Expert Leslie Sansone Has Proof That You Can (& the Workouts to Help You Do It!) on Monday Apr 11, 2016

    I HAVE TO wlk or do some low impact. walking style cardio every single day for my health. It helps to keep my blood sugar down, helps with my circulation and helps the pain in my legs. If I miss a day I know it. My stamina is not high, but i am trying to build itup and continue and improve my health thru walking, low impact exercises and yoga. I think the bands in that new set would be compassionate pn my joint pains as well so I could try and strength train!! Bless Leslie for what she does and shares! <3

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