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  • Posted in Can You Really Lose Weight Just by Walking? Fitness Expert Leslie Sansone Has Proof That You Can (& the Workouts to Help You Do It!) on Wednesday Apr 13, 2016

    I love Leslie!!! I have almost all her first videos but none that she's done recently. I used to stress myself out with attempting to always have something set up to exercise, or if I had. No need for a gym or to even stress out about getting there or if you have clean clothes. I can walk in my pajamas if I please! Love her energy and gusto it makes getting through the videos almost effortless (minus the incredible amount of physical effort and sweat lol). I feel like the continuation of physical education is just as importing as starting it, considering the body gets used to things really fast! I would love the new videos to start a new physical challenge with Leslie. I do my videos every single day, two times a day so I would use them a whole bunch!! I'm a busy busy worker bee and volunteer and have always been the biggest fan of the walk in home idea. I'm not the best but am committed to having a healthy future.

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