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I'm an editor at Further Food who loves to cook delicious food! Personally, I sometimes struggle with digestive issues and often battle headaches, including migraines that disrupt my life and ability to function normally. I also have two young children, one of whom is an infant who is sensitive to dairy through my breast milk. So, I'm interested in dairy-free recipes and meals that go easy on my gut. As I try to figure out patterns with my headaches, I am also conscious about my sugar intake, as I know that can only make them worse. I enjoy working on Further Food content because I know food can have the power to heal and it's important that we all share our stories so we can continue to find solutions. And when those solutions taste amazing, that's even better.

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  • Did you make any of Jason's recipes yourself?

    Question has not yet been answered.

    Asked by

  • Will you be doing more Q and As with other experts?

    Yes! Look out for more!

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  • Your article on Jason Wrobel was so interesting. I hope you will be featuring more recipes by him.

    Thanks, Allegra! We'll definitely try to feature more of Jason's yummy vegan recipes!

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