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  • Hi Tiffany, I’ve just come across your article looking for T2D diet ideas but I got more than ideas. You’ve given me hope. A lot was going in my head on how to start a new lifestyle, I was somehow discouraged and feeling down. I’m on the exact medication as you were prescribed in the past and feeling the symptoms (dehydration) etc. I feel so encouraged to look after my health now and ready to make those decisions:)

    I'm so glad to hear that! It has been a long road for me, but I love the healthier food and lifestyle! My diagnosis was changed to type 1...they got it wrong at first because mine was slow onset, and I was still making insulin originally. I continue to eat low carb and healthy, though, because I find it much easier to manage insulin when I eat less sugar! I'm also training a diabetic alert dog, who is 7 months old and doing amazingly well. God has provided for each step on this road, and remember that when despair starts to settle in your heart that there is always hope and things will get better as you adjust to your new lifestyle!

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