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As a former Diet Coke addict and treadmill-hater, I’ve personally seen the value of removing processed, artificial, gluten- and sugar-laden foods from your diet and adopting an active lifestyle. It’s pretty simple: when you choose better things to put in your body and when you make healthier choices, it makes a world of difference. And I’ve also learned you don’t have to make huge, life-changing choices right away. Just start somewhere. Now I eat clean foods. I run. I “yoga.” But I’m not perfect (by any stretch of the imagination). And at the end of the day, I truly believe that everyone’s health journey comes down to the personal choices that work best for them. I don’t believe that anyone should live or die by a set diet or prescriptive plan from me or anyone else. While diets can be great tools for the journey, they don’t always equate to a healthy lifestyle, and they shouldn’t be a lifelong practice. It’s all about making little choices to get to a happier, healthier lifestyle. That’s where The Edited Kitchen comes in. I wanted to cut through the clutter, and give you everyday, simple recipes and organization solutions to make getting healthy or staying healthy a little bit easier. To read more about The Edited Kitchen philosophy, go here >

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