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Physician, Health Coach , INSTAGRAM page @drtarasunsine featuring healthy recipes, WELLNESS WEBSITE including lifestyle blogs, healthy living recipes and more.

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Dr. Tara’s passion is to inspire and empower others to experience the joy and richness of life.  She embraces a holistic definition of health & wellness with a focus on lifestyle factors. Time and again, she has seen the dramatic impact nutritious food, physical activity, quality sleep, and positive social connections can have on overall well-being.  

Dr. Tara's Sunshine is the culmination of Dr. Tara’s unique and diverse training and life experiences.  She brings to the endeavour a background of nearly two decades as a medical physician and psychotherapist combined with years as a dedicated mother, avid traveller, fitness fanatic, music-lover, and aspiring chef.  Dr. Tara understands the fundamental need we have as people to establish our own supportive community networks. Together with our “chosen tribe”, we can bravely navigate both the delightful and difficult challenges of “getting healthy” and building strong, happy families and communities.


Dr. Tara was raised in a small town in Southwestern Ontario.  She attended Queen’s University on an admission scholarship. She completed concurrent undergraduate BA (Psychology) and BScH (Life Sciences) degrees and received a number of honours, including an award for female student in highest standing in Arts & Science Year 3.


After her four years in Kingston, Dr. Tara attended the University of Toronto Medical School.  As a medical student, she was elected into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society and awarded the Gladwin Ridings Memorial Scholarship for high academic standing, practicality, modesty, sensitivity and reverence for human life.  She graduated at the top of her Class of 2000 as the gold medalist.


Dr. Tara began her residency training in internal medicine.  She later switched into family practice and nurtured her growing interest in preventative medicine and the mind-body connection. In more recent years, she has focused on individual counselling and holistic wellness.


Dr. Tara currently lives in Toronto with her husband and their three children.


Professional Credentials

Queen's University BA (Psychology)

Queen's University BScH (Life Science)

University of Toronto Medical School Doctor of Medicine

University of Toronto Medical School Certification in Family Medicine

Additional training in internal medicine, psychotherapy, and coaching

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