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Serena Wolf


Serena Wolf

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Personal Chef , Recipe Developer, Cookbook Author, Food Writer

Areas of Focus

Health Conditions:
  • Mental Health
  • Weight Management
Diet Types:
  • Antioxidant Rich
Health Goals:
  • Boost Energy
  • Healthy Heart
  • Lose Weight
  • Reduce Anxiety/Stress

  • Reduce Inflammation

How I work with my clients

They Come To Me

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m not someone who can claim a lifelong love of food and cooking.

As a kid, I really wanted to be a pop star, but my parents refused to let me try out for Star Search or shop me around to agents and producers. This may or may not have been because I am tone-deaf, rhythmically challenged, and rocked a Winona Ryder pixie cut between the ages of eleven and thirteen, but whatever.

I took on much more realistic goals when I entered my teen years (thank God)—like being valedictorian or the next Paris Hilton. Shockingly, the latter didn’t really pan out, so I joined the physics team and managed to finagle a spot at Harvard. Four years, a sociology degree and a French citation later, I graduated in 2009 with absolutely no clue what I wanted to do or be. As my friends geared up for banking, consulting, and Teach For America jobs, I moved to Paris and enrolled in culinary school.

Given that I was an upsettingly picky eater until college, and my only culinary role model was my mother, a woman well versed in the fine art of burning things, it came as quite a shock to my family and friends when I announced my decision to attend Le Cordon Bleu. But I had a plan.

Ironically, said plan had zero to do with becoming a chef. I simply wanted to master some killer domestic skills, practice my French, and maybe find the perfect red lipstick—all while figuring out what the fuck to do with my life. I told myself that I’d spend three months completing the Basic Cuisine course at Le Cordon Bleu while writing in my free time (I’d always had a love-hate relationship with writing), and then I’d come home and get a real job. Long story short, things obviously didn’t go according to the original plan.

My early cooking school days were mildly traumatic—which is unsurprising given that the only dish I’d successfully “cooked” up to that point was a burnt grilled cheese—but after a couple months, I had become a completely different person. I was gutting and filleting fish, deboning chickens, breaking down whole rabbits, and whipping up hollandaise sauce without breaking a sweat. The most insane part? I loved every second of it. Realizing that I’d found my (very unexpected) calling, I enthusiastically signed on to complete the full diploma program and never looked back.

Since graduating from LCB in 2011, I’ve worn a few different culinary hats—private chef, culinary instructor, freelance writer, recipe developer, nutritional spirit guide, cookbook author, and blogger. I started my blog on a whim while in Paris with no goal in mind other than to casually share some of my new culinary skillz with other domestically-challenged souls (i.e. my friends at home, who I assumed would be the only ones interested in reading it). There was a lot of pink, Julia Child quotes, and Blackberry photos on back in the day, but I had a clear vision: Help others get their shit together in the kitchen. And make it fun, dammit.

The blog and my career has come a long way since then (hallelujah!). I now write about a range topics I’m passionate about outside of food—from beauty and fitness to mental health—but my overall goal hasn’t changed all that much. My forever mission is to make creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle realistic, accessible, and most importantly, FUN. So, it’s nice to meet you! I’m thrilled that you found me, and I can provide something (food-related or otherwise) that speaks to you. Maybe a quinoa bake, The Dude Dieta lil romance, some anxiety real talk, or my feelings on Gwyneth



Professional Credentials

Harvard University Bachelor of Arts

Le Cordon Bleu Paris Cuisine Diploma

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