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Aleshia Dearlove

Condition: Son with Eczema and Dairy & Egg allergy, anaphylaxis to cashew nuts

Foods I Love:

Coconut anything
Sweet potato
Roast chicken
Stevia plant
Vegan chocolate mousse

Foods I Avoid:

Store bought bread
Curries in restaurants
Fast food
Chocolate bars
Potato chips
Baked goods

My Story

My son has tested allergic to dairy, and his severe eczema is triggered and managed by diet. Since working with a wonderful naturopath on gut health, we have learned about killing candida through diet and gut health immunity. My son’s eczema has dramatically improved since avoiding wheat, sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, nightshades, corn, yeast and mushrooms, as well as incorporating specific probiotics and supplements into his diet. Even with all these restrictions, there are so many great foods we can still eat!


I do not have food allergies, but want to make my son’s life easier and support him in every way so I too avoid the foods that are allergenic to him. Luckily for both of us, I am passionate about coming up with allergy-friendly recipes and am now a holistic health coach. Everything in my life has lead to where I am now. My wellness journey has been influence by the events and people in my present and past. It is also inspired by my hopes for a family with a long and happy future ahead of us.


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