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Amy Medling

Condition: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Diagnosed Year: 2001

Foods I Love:

Collard Greens
Wild Salmon
Dark Chocolate

Foods I Avoid:

Gluten-containing Grains
Processed Soy Products
Omega 6 Oils
White Sugar

My Story

In my teens, I began to suffer from the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): hirsutism, weight gain, irregular cycles, and acne.  My symptoms continued into adulthood which made getting pregnant mentally and physically challenging.  I felt hopeless and out of control – a victim of my own body.  I was finally diagnosed with PCOS in 2001 and through the use of fertility treatments, I was able to give life to two beautiful boys.  After the birth of my youngest son, my PCOS symptoms did not subside.  The doctors told me I wouldn’t get pregnant again without fertility treatments.  I swore I would never take Metformin again because of the way it made me feel, and I was done with birth control pills too.  So I embarked on a journey to heal my body and life.  I wanted to begin managing my PCOS naturally.

Through extensive research and trial and error, I discovered that upgrading my diet and lifestyle was the key to healing.  Today, I avoid gluten, dairy and processed foods almost entirely.  I also eliminated many toxins from my environment (think BPA).  Now I am thriving and enjoy a varied diet composed of whole foods, packed with proteins and nutrients that positively impact my insulin and energy levels.  I also make sure to exercise every day; sometimes it is yoga, other days it is a strength training class.  I like to mix it up to help manage my mental as well as physical health.

Now it is my mission to help women find their path through PCOS.  I am a certified Health Coach and founder of PCOSDiva (  It is my life’s work to help women use their PCOS diagnosis to transform their lives and fulfill their goals.  I am not “the” PCOS Diva.  I am just one of thousands of women who have gained control of their PCOS and, in the process, found the life they have always wanted and deserved.

I found health, hope and happiness when I changed my diet, exercise, and perspective.  I also gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!  My daughter may inherit my PCOS genes, and if she does, I want her to know that having PCOS is not the negative thing I once thought it was. It is an opportunity to live life as a Diva – healthy, happy and fulfilled.

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