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Andrea Beaman

Condition: Thyroid Disease, Hyperthyroid

Diagnosed Year: Age 28

Foods I Love:

Seasonal, local foods
Fermented foods
Pastured and grass fed meat, dairy, fish

Foods I Avoid:

Processed/refined foods
Junk food
Fast food

My Recipes & Articles

My Story

At 28 years old I was diagnosed with an incurable thyroid disease (hyperthyroid and goiter). The physician recommended radiating my thyroid (RAI) and then to take Synthroid, daily, for the rest of my life! I declined that method of treatment and instead improved my diet and lifestyle. For two years I ate well (local, seasonal, organic, home-cooked food prepared with love), and took exceptional care of myself. Each time I went back to the doctor I was diagnosed with a different thyroid condition; hyper, hypo, hashimotos. And, each time I kept declining the medication that was offered to me. Within 4 months after improving my diet and lifestyle I dropped 18 pounds and my goiter was shrinking. 18 months into my new diet and lifestyle, my goiter disappeared entirely. Within 2 years of my new diet and lifestyle, my thyroid tested normal. It’s been 2 decades since my initial diagnosis and my goiter has never returned and my weight and health remain AWESOME!!


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