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Ann Nunziata

Condition: IBS, Mental Health. Also does recipe development for: anti-inflammatory, cancer, food sensitivities, diabetes, heart health

Foods I Love:

Leafy greens
Extra virgin olive oil

Foods I Avoid:

Red meat
Refined grains
Refined sugar
GMO ingredients
Hard alcohol
Refined oils
Fruit juices
Artificial ingredients

My Story

I went vegetarian as a kid for ethical reasons. At eighteen I did a lot of research on the food system and nutrition, and decided to commit to an all-vegan diet, even though I did not like most vegetables. I started cooking with the ones I liked, and gradually I fell in love with them all.

Honestly I had no idea that how strongly my diet would affect my physical and mental health. Years of chronic tension headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, painful periods, specific phobia, and mild depression all disappeared. My interest in food and healing began to grow, and eventually I found myself studying at the Natural Gourmet Institute.

My favorite nutrient is WATER! I carry water or green tea with me everywhere; I add a splash of apple cider vinegar or cucumber to water, which promote hydration. When I plan my meals, I look for foods that promote adrenal health, balanced hormones, and fight fatigue. Just as important as WHAT I eat is WHEN I eat: I eat 5 times a day to keep my blood sugar levels stable. It’s ideal to avoid eating late at night, which is a challenge for me as my work hours are not consistent each day.

Today, I share my natural foods culinary education with the community, cooking with NGI, GrowNYC, Family Cook Productions, and Wellness In The Schools.


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