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Britt Martin

Condition: Hormone imbalance, Expert in: Weight Management

Diagnosed Year: 2015

Foods I Love:

Wild salmon
Leafy greens
Coconut oil
Cacao or dark chocolate
Sweet potatoes
Macadamia nuts (and all nuts/seeds)

Foods I Avoid:

Cheese and other dairy
Refined carbs
Refined sugars
GMO foods
Conventional and processed foods

My Story

Britt Martin, of FitBrittNutrition, is a California native who loves to hike, cook, do yoga and hang with her dog-children. After graduating from Cal State University Fullerton with her Communication degree, she realized her true passion was in nutrition. She pushed the realization aside to make use of her newly earned degree and got a corporate job, all the while continuing to read numerous health-related books, and creating meal plans on the side for friends and family. Four years later, she was not fulfilled in her career and felt like she wasn’t living her life’s true calling. At this time, Britt enrolled in Bauman College’s Holistic Nutrition learning program to turn her passion into her career. She is currently 9 months into her program, and has about a year left until she can become a Board Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant.

Her time at Bauman College has prepared her to take on a diversified clientele of people, all with different health issues and goals. She has been trained in understanding the foundations of whole food nutrition as it pertains to being used to achieve optimal health, and preventing and treating various illnesses. By the end of her Holistic Nutrition program, she will be fully prepared to provide professional assessments of her clients’ diets and lifestyles, and make recommendations for food and lifestyle choices that will help her clients enhance their health, and slow, reverse, or prevent chronic illness.

Her own food philosophy includes eating natural, unprocessed, and organic foods that are full of nutrients. She has experienced with eating strictly vegetarian, paleo, pescetarian, raw, and vegan diets over the years, but now, focuses less on labeling how she eats and more on eating a variety of whole foods that provide her body with optimal nutrients. Britt is not a fan of the word diet or the act of dieting- Instead of a temporary, restrictive way of eating, she teachers her clients how to make eating healthy a lifestyle and how to eat a variety of real, healthy, and nourishing foods. She finds it important to incorporate exercise into her client’s routine, as she believes we need to nourish the body with food, while keeping it active with exercise.

Her goal is to be able to help individuals find their own form of healthy and feel AMAZING about themselves. Britt believes everyone can be healthy, if they are informed and understand the importance of nutritious foods and the direct correlation they play on one’s overall being. Many people still have a prejudice against healthy food, and she would love to be able to show her clients that healthy food can be tasty (in fact delicious), all while making them feel better than ever. Britt’s overall goal is to make the world a healthier, happier place, one person at a time. Let FitBrittNutrition help you find your FIT, to find out more visit Britt’s website:

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