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Cara Harbstreet MS, RD, LD

Condition: Expert in: Weight management, heart health

Foods I Love:

Brussels sprouts
Honeycrisp apples
Full-fat dairy
Sweet potatoes

Foods I Avoid:

Do not avoid any foods, but dislike pickles, olives, and beets

My Story

Cara Harbstreet is a wellness dietitian living and working in the Greater Kansas City area. She grew up as an athlete but didn’t make the connection between diet, performance, and health until she entered college. A revelation occurred; she changed her major to dietetics & nutrition and hasn’t looked back since. After completing her master’s degree at the University of Kansas Medical Center, she embarked on a career in wellness. Her nutrition philosophy focuses on providing balanced, realistic, and science-based interventions to help clients achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness.

Cara follows a plant-based diet but does not use labels to describe her approach to eating. Rather, she is an advocate of mindful and intuitive eating, pursuing balance and variety, and individualizing diets based on lifestyle and personal health goals. She understands that what works for one person does not necessarily work for everyone and she brings this understanding to the table with each and every person she encounters. In addition, her passion for cooking and knowledge in the kitchen inspires clients to rediscover the joy of home-cooked meals and take control of their health.

In her downtime, you can find Cara running the trails in and around Kansas City, exploring her yoga practice, or testing new recipes at home. She’s an avid reader and occasionally likes to get crafty. She’s also active on social media and offers wellness tips, delicious recipes, and insights into the life of a food- loving dietitian.

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