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Edgar Borjas

Condition: Cancer (Astrocytoma grade 2/Leukemia MDS). Specializes in cooking for: Cancer, Auto-Immune disorder, Diabetes, Heart Health

Diagnosed Year: 2005

Foods I Love:

Greens: especially spinach, kale, broccoli
White meats: chicken
Whole grain foods
Organic (growing a garden!)

Foods I Avoid:

Red meats (consume less)
Salty foods
Foods that need to be microwaved
Fast food
Fried foods
Soft drinks

My Story

This is my motto: Cancer the way it is today, is most often seen as a ticking time bomb. It is seen frequently like an expiration date. Sadly in most cases, it is viewed as a factor between the choice of living and or death. In my case, it is viewed as an experience to live life; positively through a different and optimistic view and of course with a smile.

My knowledge and history since my diagnosis of cancer, from a decade ago, have enable me to optimistically change my life for the better.  It is because of my knowledge of foods and shared recipes of friends and family that I have been able to survive all these years. The shared stories that I could begin to share hold the secrets of wonderful recipes handed down to me as they were shared through a variety of treatment sessions in a pediatric oncology unit as well as many fond memories and experiences growing up in and out of a cancer ward. Yes, they’re great recipes, but most of all the healing truly starts with optimistic mind.

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