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Emma Hatcher

Condition: IBS. Cook for gut health and food sensitivities

Diagnosed Year: 15

Foods I Love:

Leafy greens
Dark chocolate
Butternut squash
Peppermint tea
Fresh herbs

Foods I Avoid:

Dried fruit
Processed food

My Story

I became increasingly unwell at 15, suffering with horrible bloating and constant stomach pains. It would feel like my stomach was inflating, with somebody twisting my insides and punching me at the same time – it often so bad I’d be doubled over in two!

After much investigation I was finally diagnosed with IBS and wheat intolerance and with the help of a dietitian cut wheat out from my diet completely. I spent the next few years over the moon as I began to feel better, before many of my symptoms came back. Countless doctors trips, diets and omitting various foods followed, only to leave me frustrated when I saw no change and continued to suffer painful stomach aches.

When I came across the low FODMAP (Fructose and Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols) diet two years ago it completely changed my life. My horrible IBS symptoms have decreased dramatically and I no longer had to try and work out what foods were OK to eat and what would leave me in a pain later.

Causing a fuss eating out or at a friend’s dinner party still hasn’t got much easier – if only I could count how many times people declare in confusion, “…she can’t eat what?!” and me embarrassingly having to explain all of the complications that come with food intolerances. But my diagnosis and experiences have taught me that whether you have IBS, food intolerances, allergies, or not, good nutrition, along with personal health and well-being, could not be more important.

I created She Can’t Eat What?! to share simple, nutritious recipes and to show people how easy and delicious, healthy, free-from and low-FODMAP food can be. New research proves every day that diet is intrinsically linked to health and we were born to eat whole, healthy, fresh foods – because when we do we feel a thousand times better, healthier and happier!

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