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Giada Mazzer

Condition: Food Allergy

Foods I Love:

Natural peanut butter
Butternut squash
Sweet potatoes

Foods I Avoid:

Refined sugars
Highly processed foods

My Story

My vegan journey started after a four months very restrictive protein diet. I lost weight, but when I did  blood exams, some values related to the liver were the same of an alcoholic even if I wasn’t drinking a glass of wine for the last 4 months, my eyes color was yellow and I always felt nervous; I was also suffering from horrible migraines and medications. One day I saw a video on youtube on The China Study by Doctor Campbell, and it completely change my whole vision of life and eating.

First of all I started by eliminating dairy, as for example my daily yogurt for breakfast and in one week my headaches episodes completely ended. When I start to document myself I understood what kind of foods were good for me and my health. By eliminating meat, dairies, fish and animal derivates and all heavily processed food I noticed a shift in the way I felt, feeling definitely more energetic. Eating this way has allowed me to take control of myself, of my constant desire of eating anything, going from one diet to another. Now I perfectly know what’s good for me and I can indulge in delicious meals and guilt-free dessert. I’m living vegan and mostly gluten free out of respect for my body.

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