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Heather Juliet

Condition: Stage-4 lymphoma (cancer), food allergies, eczema, ADD, hypoglycemia, anxiety and depression

Diagnosed Year: Cancer diagnosis at age 33

Foods I Love:

Fermented cabbage
Green smoothies
Berry smoothies
Pumpkin seeds

Foods I Avoid:

Red meat
Processed sugars

My Story

I have always been involved in natural health and nutrition, as way to deal with the myriad of health problems I experienced growing up, including food allergies, skin problems like eczema and acne, ADD, hypoglycemia, anxiety and depression. It wasn’t until I got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, though, that I started to realize that being healthy is different than living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, I had to undergo the harshest chemo and radiation therapies in order to survive, but I DID!


I currently am using a plant-based and sometimes macrobiotic diet. I’m a therapeutic chef so I LOVE creating new things. I eat a huge range of foods. Green or berry smoothies every morning for breakfast (sometimes with a side of gluten free oatmeal). Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Fermented foods also support me well since Cancer treatment completely wiped out my gut flora. I eat a large amount of beans and legumes that I make into stews, soups and chilis. All of my salads are usually loaded with veggies and fun things like pumpkin seeds, beans (kidney, cannellini, chickpeas), hearts of palm, sweet potatoes, etc.  I listen to my body, and if I feel like it needs fish, I will make a macrobiotic meal like steamed salmon, cod or mahi mahi with lemon juice and sea salt paired with brown rice and steamed kale or sea vegetables like seaweed and a cucumber salad.



I now help others cook and eat therapeutically, in addition to counseling people in my private nutrition and health practice.


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