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Hillary Bergh

Condition: Hashimoto's Disease

Diagnosed Year: 1996

Foods I Love:

Coconut Butter
Pastured Bison
Dry Tart Cherries
Wild Halibut

Foods I Avoid:

Soy (unless fermented)
Factory-farmed meats
Brassicas (during flare-ups)

My Story

As a child and teenager, I suffered from psoriasis and other skin issues, extreme fatigue, digestive distress, severe headaches and migraines, mood swings, thinning hair, weak nails, and had trouble regulating my body temperature. After seeing multiple doctors, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and was put on synthetic thyroid and estrogen hormones. While some of the symptoms eased, my skin and digestive issues became much worse.

A naturopath suggested I eliminate wheat and gluten from my diet. That was so hard! I stuck with it for a month, and had some relief, but being a teenager, without much understanding and without the global, gluten-free support that there is now, I fell back into old habits. Plus, my general doctor, my endocrinologist, and my dermatologist all continued to tell me food was not and could not be a factor.

Years passed…I went to culinary school, then baking/pastry school, then obtained my business degree…all while being very frustrated with my health. It was a consultation with an acupuncturist that finally changed my life. I was put on a very strict elimination diet and drank 4oz of a horribly bitter tonic after every meal. Within two weeks, I saw results that exceeded my wildest dreams! As the six month mark approached, I noticed my nails getting stronger, my hair getting thicker, skin issues reducing, no headaches, I lost all the accumulated weight, and had increased energy. I was able to reintroduce many foods, reduce my thyroid dosage, and eliminate my estrogen dosage. More importantly, I understood that I would be making bigger changes in my view of food and food allergies.

Since then, I have received an integrative nutrition health coaching certificate as well as incorporating other lifestyle changes. It is my life’s purpose to be an example and inspiration to others who are suffering. I provide personalized support through health coaching, cooking classes, creating menu plans with recipes, and continuing to experiment in the kitchen to recreate dishes from my childhood. My health journey is an ongoing adventure and now I can enjoy the ride!

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