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Holly Nakashima

Condition: Celiac Disease, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid Gland Removed, Leaky Gut, Hashimoto's

Foods I Love:

Leafy Greens
Sweet Potato
Pastured Butter
Bone Broth
Grass fed meats
Fermented Radish

Foods I Avoid:

Processed/packaged foods
Dried Herbs and Spices
Conventional Dairy Products

My Story

My journey started 24 years ago at the age of 12, when I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid, Graves’s disease and thyroid storm. My thyroid was removed, which was the beginning of “my great adventure!” For years, I battled anxiety, depression, fatigue and brain fog that crippled my life.

My dreams came true when my beautiful children were born, but as any parent knows, raising children requires you to live each day actively. I would often be left completely exhausted and had to be peeled off the floor! After the birth of my 4th child in 2012, I hit rock bottom. I could barely make it through the day, my body was so deteriorated.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and Celiac Disease. While I had never been tested for either, the symptoms had clearly been plaguing me my entire life. I thought how I felt was normal, since my body always felt miserable. It was very eye opening.

I decided to take action and put my well-being into my own hands. I had eaten a vegetarian diet most of my adult life, including two years on a raw food diet. I had always sought to used food to heal me, but my vegetarian lifestyle was not working for me.  I decided to adopt a diet of traditional foods for healing.

I wasn’t absorbing foods properly because of leaky gut, so had to do a lot of bio hacking. I tested my PH before and after each meal and was very aggressive when it came to fine tuning my health. I immersed myself in research and put together a awesome vitamin protocol and found a doctor that supports my healing method. The transition was easy, as my body craved a lot of fat and protein.  I found that eating a Paleo-based diet and focusing on nutrient density worked very well. Feeding my body with whole foods loaded with nutrients restored my health and vitality.

One year into my diet change, I put my Hashimoto’s into remission and no longer test positive for antibodies. I still get my levels tested every couple months since I always want to be aware where my body is at, but I am now living life vibrantly, happily and completely. My mission is to help women thrive despite having an autoimmune condition, to nourish their bodies with whole foods and live life with passion, purpose and transparency.

You can follow Holly on Instagram at @the_commonwoman or check out her website:


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