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Ian Whitcomb

Condition: Chronic Liver Disease

Diagnosed Year: 2014

Foods I Love:

Raw Pistachios
Ambrosia Apples
Red Snapper
Guinea hen breast
Texan Arbequina Olive Oil

Foods I Avoid:

High-fructose Corn Syrup
Raw Fish
Cured Deli Meats
All-purpose flour
Non-organic Apples
Any fast food

My Story

As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a restaurateur when I “grew up.” And I did! Not in a traditional sense but as a manager, trainer and sommelier in four-star restaurants throughout North Texas.

However, in 2014, my lifestyle caught up with me. My diagnosis of a cirrhotic liver at 30 years-old was devastating. Years of excess alcohol and rich foods had caught up with me. I thought my career and everything I worked to become was gone in a flash. With some time, accepting my new lifestyle has brought me to where I am today. My doctors have decided I am doing so well maintaining my health and liver function that I no longer need to be listed as a donor recipient! Through the grace of God and the gift of healthy foods, I have found myself enjoying taking over a kitchen more than ever and am blessed to be able to give back through my research and experience. The basic renal diet is not simply for those who need to ‘baby’ their liver or kidneys but is a healthy alternative to the standard American diet with a focus on consuming pure foods in a simple preparation. Enjoy good food and you will enjoy good health!

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