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Janine Tandy

Condition: Celiac

Diagnosed Year: 35

Foods I Love:

sea veggies
brown and black rice
ginger tea
dark chocolate

Foods I Avoid:

processed foods that are gluten free
kidney beans

My Story

Ever since I was a young girl I have gravitated towards healthy living as sports, nutrition and food were very important aspects of my life.  I was raised in an environment where cooking and family meals were emphasized and before the buzz words like “whole grains, primary foods and fresh organic products” were trendy, my mother only allowed that to be what was around and eaten in the house.  This background instilled an interest in me that turned into my university educational focus. This resulted in my study and receipt of my Master of Public Health degree from New York University.
However, even though I ate what I thought what was healthy for me and had an active lifestyle , I became quite ill as a teenager and became progressively worse over the following 17 years.  After many years of suffering  with severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies, thyroid disease and bone loss, I went to a holistic doctor who properly diagnosed me with Celiac Disease. It took a lot of hard work to heal my gut, as its not just about taking out gluten forever but also what you add in to your diet and meals to calm inflammation and create balance and health.
From all that I learned in this process of going from being very unwell to feeling vibrant and healthy and well nourished, it encouraged me to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and become a licensed health coach. This passion I have to help others going through similar experiences has turned into an amazing career as I can really relate on such a deep level.  Food is medicine and thinking about it in different ways can make such a difference in peoples’ lives going through challenging times. On my website I combine this nourishing diet related work with yoga to create an overall sense of well-being!



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